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Swinghandle RS PrC for Profile-Cylinder

Swinghandle for profile cylinder





  • Swinghandle with liftable operating lever.
  • 90° Closing rotation.
  • Swinghandle can be locked with profile-cylinders with 45° or 90° locking cam.
  • The listed swinghandles, can be retrofitted with a sliding cap (product system 2-091).
  • The sliding cap can be used for profile-cylinders from product system 2-140 and also for raised profile cylinders.
  • IP65 according to DIN EN 60529 – version dish with cap.
  • RH / LH application.
  • Grounding by grounding clip (optional).


  • Handle, dish and cylinder dustcover: see table
  • Shaft: brass
  • Bearing plate: zinc die, untreated
  • Cap: PA, black
  • Seals: NBR


(S) Door-thickness 1.5 – 2.5mm  |  1. stroke 18mm  |  2. clearance

Screws M5x16 for fastening cylinder included.
Alternative products see also 2-090.01, 2-090.02, 2-090.03, 2-090.04.

**Price based on per piece. For special request, please drop us your enquiry at dirak@dirak.com.sg


2-090.pdf Swinghandle-for-profile-cylinder.pdf